The going was slow: At one point

The going was slow: At one point

And given it’s the Olympics, stuff happens out here. A blacked out jeep carrying military police comes rumbling along, lights flashing, machine guns on display. Grown men wearing replica Olympic gold medals and Brazil soccer jerseys sing songs sipping cans of beer.

This live action updated version inspired by the classic fairy tale is getting a fairly regal reception from most critics. The consensus from Rotten Tomatoes (where it earns a 83 per cent Fresh rating) says Kenneth Branagh remake is “refreshingly traditional in a revisionist era, (proving) Disney hasn lost any of its old fashioned magic.” Lily James (Downton Abbey) is joined by first rate talents Cate Blanchett (as the Wicked Stepmother) and Helen Bonham Carter (as the Fairy Godmother), each of whom account for some of the film best moments. Prince Charming is played by Richard Madden (Game of Thrones).

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Cheap Jerseys china Were staying with some folks we hadn’t met, Bobby and Tracy, from Nashville, who lived in a place called Maui Meadows wholesale jerseys, just up the hill from Kihei. Bobby was an up and coming musician and Tracy was an aspiring yogini (who would later marry Ganga White and become co director of the White Lotus Foundation). They informed us that they were having a Halloween party that might get a little loud and go late. Cheap Jerseys china

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